i-motion electrostimulation equipment

Electrofitness device

i-motion is the only device on the market that produces a comfortable feeling while making the body muscles work intensively.

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Electrostimulation equipment


Its advanced Bluetooth wireless technology Class 1, approved internationally, with the range of 100 metres and communication security system, guarantees that you’ll never lose control of the user, providing safety, efficacy and ease of use.

The ergonomic and functional design of all equipment components allows simultaneous work of muscle groups, contracting them intensely for short periods of time, obtaining considerable results in shorter time than that of conventional training.

i-motion EMS perfectly adapts to the body and provides complete freedom of movement for group and multi-group training with an unlimited number of participants.

This latter i-motion feature is unique and exclusive. No other device can perform multi-group workouts. Our new software with intelligent settings allows easy and intuitive use of all its parameters, guaranteeing a great user experience. Now with 20 pre-established programs and 6 configurable expert modes!

i-motion consists of a central unit (a tablet or a screen), a treatment vest where the electrodes are placed (bio-jacket) and wireless communication modules to carry out the training without any cables.

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Main features of i-motion

  • Rechargeable lithium 3400mA batteries (range up to 16 hours)
  • Class 1 professional Bluetooth module (100 meters), manufactured in the USA, “Microchip” brand, internationally approved to be used in any country of the world, guaranteeing that its radio frequency is not harmful to health.
  • Various types of screens: a tablet 10.6″ and a large screen 21.6″.
  • A communication security system that guarantees unceasing control over the user, being this fundamental in a wireless system.
  • A stimulation system with compensated biphasic waves provides an optimal way to contract the muscles with a minimum accumulation of lactic acid, this being very important when it comes to training and obtaining good results of the muscular systems.
  • Auto adjustment system compensated by current measurement for easier and faster adjustment.
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i-motion software,

always in continuous development

This is undoubtedly one of our greatest strengths, compared to other electro-stimulation devices on the market.

In i-motion, we are always in continuous study and development, aware of the latest market developments and technological advancements in order to offer a more optimal and effective training.

 The main advantages

of our software are:

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use software.
  • Remote assistance anywhere in the world through Team Viewer.
  • Software in continuous development. We take care of staying up-to-date on the latest developments and studies of new EMS programs, which are updated and delivered to our customers free of charge. We currently have 20 pre-established programs adapted to all the needs of our users and 6 configurable ones so as to create customized programs.
  • Licensed Windows 10 operating system (latest operating system) from Microsoft, the world leader.

  • When changing the program, all the parameters are pre-set, that is, the contraction and relaxation times will be at optimum values for each program, so that they can be set individually. In this way, a lot of time is saved and mistakes are reduced when training

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i-motion packs

Number of users


  • 1 portable tablet 10.1″
  • 2 bio-jackets
  • 1 metal base for fixed support
  • 4 sets of interior cotton kits
  • 1 spray bottle
  • 1 wireless communication module
  • User’s manual
  • Training course
  • Five year warranty
  • Virtual trainer

Number of users


  • 1 portable tablet 10.1″
  • 3 bio-jackets
  • 1 metal base for fixed support
  • 8 sets of interior cotton kits
  • 1 spray bottle
  • 2 wireless communication module
  • User’s manual
  • Training Course
  • Five year warranty
  • Virtual trainer

i-motion equipment: a device with which you will reach your objectives. Includes:

  • The wireless connection module connects the software with the bio-jacket and is used for transferring the electrical impulses.
  • Bio-jacket: A neoprene suit consisting of a vest (top), trousers (bottom) and 2 bracelets where 18 electrodes in their covers are distributed. The bio-jacket is odourless, 100% waterproof and resistant to salt and moisture. It is a very comfortable suit that allows total mobility of the body.
  • Software license: i-motion software. Easy, intuitive and always in continuous development to offer the latest technology to our customers.
  • WCM belt: exclusively designed for the protection of the WCM system, so that the cables are not damaged.
  • Interior kit: cotton and spandex t-shirt and trousers that must be worn under the bio-jacket.
  • Sprayer: the covers of the electrodes are wetted with the sprayer, thus ensuring the contact areas. The use of warm water is recommended.
  • Small or large metal base: support for the tablet or screen with which the training will be carried out.
  • Bio-jacket wiring: top quality, made in Germany.
  • i-motion tablet 10,1″ or a large screen 23″ to carry out the training.
  • i-motion software: the brain of i-motion, intuitive and easy to use. Always in continuous development to offer the latest technological developments to our customers. In addition, we provide remote customer service throughout the world.
  • i-motion bio-jacket: the electrodes distributed by the bio-jacket cover more than 300 muscles

Manufactured in Spain, it guarantees perfect mobility and comfort, covering most of the body. In addition, the electrodes can be placed in any area of the body that is desired.

i-motion bio-Jacket

The most comfortable and efficient suit on the market

The i-motion bio-jacket, manufactured entirely in Spain, guarantees perfect mobility and covers most of the body, allowing the access of EMS waves to more than half of the 650 body muscles.

The electrodes used in the training suits are made of carbon-rubber, lightweight and specifically developed for electro-stimulation.

They can be placed on any area of the body, apart from the established ones, such as abductor muscles, gluteus medius, transverse abdominal muscle.

The technology used in the i-motion muscle electrostimulator provides not only immediate aesthetic results, but also a healthier body, a stronger skeletal system, better blood circulation and a pleasant and happy mood, among others.

imotion biojacket new 01 1 - Our electro-stimulation equipment EG

 Bio-jacket features

  • A vest in which the electrodes can be relocated for optimal stimulation, allowing us to stimulate muscle groups that are not set by default
  • Comfortable, odourless and antibacterial suit. Made of a resistant and elastic material that adapts perfectly to the body.
  • Independent electrodes that the user can place … (location)
  • When spraying only the electrodes, the sensation is much more comfortable for the outdoor use or in cold climates, when the water on the body must be reduced.
  • We have several sizes of vests to adapt to each body shape, although the standard size allows working with a fairly wide range of body constitutions.

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The most advanced technology for your wellness

Muscle electrostimulation (EMS) applied through the i-motion bio-jacket uses the latest technology to achieve unbeatable results in sports performance, muscle toning, loss of weight or volume, rehabilitation, physical improvement, pain reduction, etc.

EMS electrostimulation was created to offer rehabilitation to patients with muscle injuries, but soon it was discovered that

it could also offer great results in muscle toning and improved sports performance.

For this reason, i-motion carries out integral electrostimulation, managing to activate more than 300 muscles simultaneously in just 20 minutes that a weekly session lasts.

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