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The solution to stand out from competitors in the sport, health and beauty sector

i-motion is the only equipment in the market that produces a comfortable and pleasant feeling by making muscles work intensely and deeply

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We’ll train you

For this, the purchase of the i-motion equipment includes a complete training with our expert team, who will show the operation of both the software (parameters, uses, programs) and other tips on exercise routines adapted to the needs and profile of each person, as well as the basic principles of active muscular electro-stimulation.

What kind of businesses can count on i-motion

The i-motion technology is mainly directed at three sectors: sports, health and aesthetics. In each of them, there are businesses that can benefit from the i-motion equipment, among which we highlight:


hospitals, rehabilitation centres, health centres, public or private physiotherapists…


Sports centres, sports organizations, sports in general, high performance athletes. Gyms, training centres specialized in EMS, personal trainers…


all those businesses dedicated to the aesthetic care of the body, such as beauty and wellness centres.

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What we offer

Together with the equipment and the software developed with the latest technological advancements and in continuous innovation to adapt to the needs of the market, i-motion offers advice on the implementation of the equipment and support at the level of sales marketing (dossiers, brochures, triptychs, pictures, catalogues, roll ups…)

We make it easy, putting at your fingertips everything you need to make your investment profitable:

· Technology: The i-motion R&D team uses the latest technological innovations to apply them in new versions of the software of our equipment. In less than two years, we have offered 4 different versions.

· Marketing support: We offer all the necessary material for online and offline advertising with all the corporate material such as dossiers, brochures, manuals, etc.

· Technical support: Our technical support department is available to our customers to offer support when they need it.

· Training: together with the purchase of the i-motion equipment, we offer personalized training for its use. We will teach you how to solve the most common equipment maintenance problems, so that you can save your time and reduce costs. Also, an audiovisual guide for different types of training according to the objectives is provided.

· After-sales service: if you have any problem after purchasing the equipment, we offer personalized attention to solve it as soon as possible. The user can solve 90% of failures themselves with the acquired knowledge, or problems can be solved online. If the problem were due to defective parts of the equipment, it would be replaced in the shortest time possible.

¿Do you need a qualification to guide the trainings?

Coaches who want to work with i-motion don’t need any specific degree in physiotherapy, medicine or sports science. The only indispensable requirement is to have carried out the training given by our team of professionals, which is included in the purchase of the equipment.

Benefits of wireless Bluetooth EMS

The electro-stimulation equipment without cables, unlike other existing on the market, has numerous advantages that distributors around the world have taken into account when choosing i-motion for their centres.

The main advantage of Bluetooth wireless electro-stimulation is the possibility of training anywhere, outdoors or indoors. Note the difference between the Bluetooth system and Wi-Fi. The fact that i-motion wireless EMS has Bluetooth technology offers the possibility of carrying out complete training and exercises outdoors, without the limitations of the Wi-Fi range.

The wireless i-motion technology allows group and multi-group training, guaranteeing the success of the session for each member of the group individually, regardless of whether the rest leave or stop their training. i-motion is the only system on the market that offers this possibility; it allows personalized training at each of the stages of group and multi-group sessions, without any limit of participants.

The comfort and time savings when preparing the client to perform 20 minutes of exercise are possible thanks to the freedom of movement provided by the wireless equipment.

The i-motion wireless technology can also be combined with numerous training styles and with other fitness machines.

Stand out from competitors
with a new way of training

i-motion and your business

We offer much more than a wireless electro-stimulation device. We are also your opportunity to set up or to expand your business.

EMS systems are the future of many fields dedicated to fitness and well-being, whose purpose is to provide the users of the equipment with notable and permanent changes.

Electro-stimulation is a form of training on the rise, and it is constantly evolving, adapting to lifestyle changes and activity routines of many people seeking results with a minimum investment of time.

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Relying on the latest i-motion technology supposes a great opportunity for any business in such changing sectors as health, aesthetics and sports.

More and more people see the opportunity to improve their physical and mental condition thanks to the EMS muscle electro-stimulation.

We highlight 3 main business opportunities that involve the employment of the i-motion system:

Personal trainers

Physiotherapists, trainers and instructors use i-motion as a tool to train their clients.

This is the only device capable of training an unlimited number of participants, allowing each coach to optimize their time and their clients’ results.


i-motion brings added value to gyms. Not all gyms offer electro-fitness and therefore, all sports centres that have our equipment will be revalued and will stand out against the competition. It is, therefore, a safe investment to attract and retain new customers, in addition to giving the centre a better status.

i-motion is an ideal complement to a person’s weekly physical exercise, but it should not be considered as a substitute for any machine. The i-motion technology is designed to be used along with the gym machines so as to improve the strength and movement capacity. Our device is an ideal option for all those people who don’t want or cannot dedicate much time to the gym or to traditional exercise routines or who, simply, want better results in shorter time. We are a great alternative for saving time.

Specialized centres

Professional sport, health and aesthetics are the main fields which the i-motion electro-stimulation system is aimed at. Any specialized centre will be revitalized with EMS.

In these three fields, electro-stimulation has come to stay and grow over the next years. It involves a new approach to traditional practices in these areas, achieving fast and lasting results by investing only 20 minutes of training per week.



With i-motion, you will easily return on your financial and time investment by increasing your income.

All of our clients recover their initial investment in the purchase of the equipment in approximately three months.

We offer the necessary training by our expert instructors for all our clients after the purchase of the i-motion device.

Regarding the results after continuous use of the equipment, users begin to notice changes from the fourth session. However, those physical changes become really noticeable after 8 weeks or 8 training sessions.

You don’t need a large space to work with i-motion. From only 3 square meters, you can already carry out exercises and training.

Improve your business by offering the latest
in EMS training

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