Smart EMS Software:

The only EMS software which automatically changes programmes within a training protocol after setting the pulse intensity levels at the start of a session as it’s capable of smart pulse intensity adjustment for each muscle group. Trainers no longer have to adjust any settings during training sessions so they can have more time to completely focus on the users.

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in the electrical stimulation sector

The multi-group system offered by i-motion EMS is a worldwide innovation.

All electrical stimulation equipment currently on the market require trainers to manually adjust all the intensity levels and change programmes for each user participating in a session.

In other words, their role is limited by the setting changes required by the devices and, given the lack of time, it’s difficult to stop and listen to the users’ needs and give them personalised attention.

Enjoy group training without any limits!

Find out why i-motion multi-group

training is now a reality

Although many traditional electrical stimulation systems are sold under the idea of multi-group EMS, the truth is conducting these types of sessions with them is complicated in practice. In order to overcome the disadvantages, the all-new i-motion EMS system offers two major solutions: it truly is multi-group and empowers trainers as they no longer have to readjust any parameters when changing programmes which means they save time and can focus on helping their clients.

Our EMS software automatically changes programmes and intensity levels within a training protocol for each muscle group after setting the pulse intensity levels for each user at the start of a session.

This means i-motion is the only smart EMS training system currently on the market.

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The benefits of smart i-motion EMS software:

For trainers:


  • More time to perform their true roles as they don’t have to manually adjust the intensity levels when switching from one programme to another.
  • Greater autonomy as they can really focus on how users are doing their exercises and guide them through their training sessions.
For users:


  • Possible human errors when changing from one programme to another are avoided.
  • Greater satisfaction since they get personalised attention from the trainer who can focus on them and not the pulse adjustments.

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